We May Have Been Domesticating Dogs for Tens of Thousands of Years!

A study published in 2020 revealed that our best friend dogs began to diversify and domesticate 11,000 years ago. All your pet dogs descended from the same ancestors as present-day gray wolves While it was known, it was estimated that our friendship did not actually start at such an ‘early’ time. Those predictions were confirmed by a new study published.

Genome samples from a total of 72 ancient wolves, 66 of whom had just been scanned, showed that both ancient and modern dog breeds were close to ancient wolves in Asia. The ancient wolves from which the genomes were taken belonged to wolves that lived about 100,000 years ago.

Diversity in dogs began longer than previously thought:


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  • 18,000-year-old puppy Dogor

One of the results of the new research sheds light on the evolutionary process of wolves, which is still not fully understood. In particular, scientists tracking a gene variant have found that this gene is extremely rare in about 10 thousand years. to be almost ubiquitous He saw that he had an adventure. The mutation that caused this is also found in today’s dogs and affects the development of the skull and jaw bones. a gene called IFT88was affecting.

Scientists have yet to explain how or why the mutation has become so common in dogs and wolves. But the estimates are based on the diversity in the prey the species feed on. However, that gene of an as yet undiscovered missionis thought to be.

However, the research did not fully analyze the DNA of the first dogs in Northeastern Europe, Siberia, and the Americas. from the eastern wolf population revealed that he did. In the first dogs from the Middle East, Africa and Southern Europe in Southeast EurasiaIt was discovered that it carries fragments of the DNA of modern populations.

The most important result of the research was about when dogs were first domesticated. The research, which covers a period of 100 thousand years, pointed out that dogs may have taken a place in people’s lives during this time. In addition, the other result of the research, which points to the diversity, The first domestications took place in various parts of the world tens of thousands of years ago.showed that it could happen.

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