We Played Popular Games with Nokia 5.1 Plus

Smartphones are no longer just hardware devices. The power of a phone is determined not only by the hardware, but also by the software support it receives. Thanks to the Android One program, you can quickly access Google’s operating system updates and benefit from the power of your phone to the fullest.

Nokia 5.1 Plus, Nokia’s price performance phone, uses the MediaTek Helio P60 mobile processor. The Multi-core AI Processing Unit (APU) in this processor provides serious improvements in battery management, games and camera performance.

Artificial intelligence also provides great support in games. Because the operating frequency of the processor is managed correctly, you can get solid performance even in today’s most demanding mobile games. Reducing the workload on the CPU and GPU, the APU allows Nokia 5.1 Plus to focus on the game with all its power. Thus, a lag-free and fluent gaming experience is offered.

You can find the Nokia 5.1 Plus model at this link.

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