Website Where You Can Convert Google Searches To GIFs

GIF (Graphic Interchange Format/Format) technology, which first appeared in 1987 (exactly 32 years ago), is used very effectively even today. The fact that the most up-to-date applications as well as users have GIF support today indicates that this file format will live for a lifetime.

Website LMGTFY (Let Me Google That For You) based on GIF file format; Exactly the explanation given on the official website of LMGTFY, that it is a platform produced for all people who find the way to reach a result “simpler” by bothering you with their questions instead of easily searching for themselves.


In order to use LMGTFY, which is very useful from time to time, first log in to the website here. On the page that comes up, you can choose which search engine you can search from above and prepare a more detailed GIF in this way.


Let’s say your friend asked you when the “next Lunar eclipse” was. For this information, which can be learned through Google in a very simple way, it will be enough to just send a simple link to your friend. For this, “When is the closest lunar eclipse?” on the home page of LMGTFY. Just write the statement.


The site, which will give you a long link, allows you to shorten it and make the link seem meaningless at first glance, with the “Shorten Link” option. Now it’s time to copy this link and send it to our friend who asked us an unnecessary question. If you wish, you can see what is in the link we have created and sent to our friend.


Go to, write the question you want to ask, click the Go button, and it will be much easier to get out of such situations, thanks to LMGTFY, which shows that you can find the answer to the question you want in just 3 steps without asking us.

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