Western Diet is Risky for Pregnant Women

The study cites Omega 6 fatty acids, and especially linoleic acid, as the leading factor for many problems during pregnancy. Unlike some diets that are higher in Omega 3 fatty acids, a typical western diet is high in Omega 6 oils and linoleic acids, especially those found in cooking oils and fried foods such as potato chips.

Although omega 6 fatty acids are important for health, excessive consumption of them can lead to the development of inflammation and, over time, health problems from chronic inflammation. As a result of some researches, experts pointed out that the ideal for health is the diet types that contain Omega 3 and low amount of Omega 6.


The experts conducted these studies on pregnant rats fed a diet high in linoleic acid. Besides pregnant rats, they also examined the development of infants’ liver inflammatory proteins, leptin hormone levels, and cholesterol levels. This diet did not increase the fat, salt, sugar levels that tend to occur in human diets high in linoleic acid.

The results, according to the study, were changes in inflammatory protein concentrations, as well as changes in a hormone that potentially regulates fetal growth and development, and changes in the level of a protein that can cause uterine contractions during pregnancy.

Although additional research is needed to determine whether these results apply to humans, experts suggest that a controlled diet with low levels of Omega 6 is more beneficial for pregnant women.

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