What are V Rising System Requirements?

V Rising, produced by Stunlock Studios, the producer of the once popular game Battlerite, is compared to its old game. took a very different route. However, it is clear that they have succeeded in this way. V Rising, which does not have the enormous popularity of its debut, but still has a fairly large audience, He would protect this mass he had.looks like.

V Rising, which owes some of its popularity to system requirements, is compared to today’s systems. wants a pretty average requirement . Although there is no guarantee of playing with a system that is too low an average system will do the trick for V Rising . Of course, the good optimization of the game is one of the factors that affect things positively.

V Rising system requirements:

Minimum system requirements of V Rising for Windows
Recommended system requirements of V Rising for Windows


Minimum system requirements of V Rising for Windows:

  • OS:Windows 10 64-bit
  • Processor:Intel Core i5-6600 or AMD Ryzen 5 1500X
  • Memory:12GB
  • Display card:Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti or AMD Radeon R7 360
  • Video Memory:2GB
  • Storage:7GB

Recommended system requirements of V Rising for Windows:

  • OS:Windows 10 64-bit
  • Processor:Intel Core i5-11600k, 3.9 GHz or AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, 3.7 GHz
  • Memory:12GB
  • Display card:Nvidia GeForce GYX 1070, 8GB or AMD Radeon RX 590, 8GB
  • Video Memory:8GB
  • Storage:7GB

So what kind of game is V Rising?

The theme of V Rising:


V Rising deals with a genre that we are very familiar with lately. This kind of survival. The survival game genre has been very common in the game market for a long time and it varies in many games of this genre. at V Rising leading this changeIt’s one of the games.

PvP with other players in survival game genres a common theme . In fact, Rust is one of the biggest examples of this genre. V Rising is a bit into this genre. Gothic and vampire theme It enriched it a lot. This genre, which may be boring after a while under normal conditions, can be played much longer and more enjoyable thanks to the game’s unique add-ons.

V Rising gameplay style:


Survival and development are the core gameplay of V Rising. But the Vampire theme game is quite detailingand enriches . Since we are playing as vampires, contrary to the custom, we are comfortable at night and difficult to move during the day. As you can imagine, the sun is our worst enemy. While fighting against the enemies in the game itself, you also need to be careful against the threat of real players.

The weapons you use and the skill tree are quite diverse. Continuously combining many different abilities and weapons with each other you can get a refined gameplay . Although the weapons are limited at one point, the variety of abilities can make you ignore this detail.

The boss is in the game when he wants to kill the enemies, build your own castle and protect this castle against other enemies. You don’t have many opportunities to sit idle. . In addition to these, the variety of abilities, the advantages and disadvantages of playing as a vampire are reflected quite well.

Is it possible to play V Rising on other systems?


It hasn’t been long since V Rising made its debut. In fact, the game is still sold as an early access product on Steam. So of course not everything is perfect. However, thanks to its tremendous performance at the launch of the game, in such a short time 1 million copies sold . This made it easier for V Rising to come to platforms other than Windows.

V Rising is available on Linux and Steam Deck. newly introduced Beta version of Proton Experimental lets you play V Rising on Linux and Steam Deck . Since this system is still very new and still in the testing phase, it is quite possible that you will encounter any problems, but this system is constantly being developed and the problems are solved quickly. Although Steam Deck is not very common since it is not a console sold directly to our country, it is a good development that it can be played for Linux so soon.

What is the selling price of V Rising?


V Rising was released on Steam on May 17, 2022. It should not be forgotten that the game is still in early access, even though it has made its full debut. The game is on Steam 32 TL It is sold at a very low price. Steam isn’t the game’s only selling point. V Rising, allkeyshop, Humble Bundle It is also sold on known platforms such as, but all of these lead you to Steam as a result. The game you will buy from different sites comes as “Key” and you add it to Steam. There are also 2 additional content as additional content. One of these content is sold as Founder’s Pack, while the other is sold as regular content. These contents are as follows:

Founder’s Pack: Eldest Bloodline:

This package, which is sold for 50 TL, is available for those who want to support the game in an extra way. Of course, this support also you can see with plenty of prizes . However, we would like to underline that none of the additional content includes special factors that will enable you to become stronger in the game. The contents of the package are as follows:

  • 3 custom conversion forms
  • 27 different Gargoyle statues
  • 6 different Gargoyle wall sculptures
  • 16 different vampire accessories for your character
  • A 14-track soundtrack by Alexandria Migova

Dracula’s Relic Pack:

Not much different from the Founder’s Pack in essence, Dracula’s Relic Pack is similarly for your castle and vampire. customizations with a custom theme with you. Their contents are as follows:

  • 3 different types of capes
  • 1 helmet
  • 1 coffin
  • 1 piece of throne
  • 1 floor pattern
  • 1 castle gate
  • 1 inner column lining
  • 1 interior wall covering
  • 1 exterior wall cladding
  • 1 outer column cover
  • 2 different windows in 2 different colors
  • 1 carpet
  • barbecue (light source) in orange, blue, green, red, white, yellow and pink

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