What If The Cyber ​​Threat Comes From Inside?

Offering Turkey’s most preferred digital security software, ESET brought its business partners and customers together at the “Cyber ​​Security Ready for the Future” meeting held in Gaziantep Divan Hotel. The meeting was hosted by ESET Turkey Sales Manager Asım Akbal, ESET Turkey Distributor and Field Group Manager Hakan Ünlü and ESET Regional Field Officer Ertan Gücek. At the event, ESET’s 2019 digital security products were introduced and prominent cyber threats were discussed.

It can cause major problems and financial loss

“Cyber ​​threats are generally assumed to come from outside. ESET Turkey Sales Manager Asım Akbal, who determined that many times the threat can also occur from within, said that employees can leak sensitive company data to the outside, knowingly or unknowingly. Akbal said, “In the digital age we live in, this is one of the most important problems of companies. Regardless of the cause, whether industrial espionage, malicious intent, negligence or personnel failure, leaked critical company data can lead to bigger problems and financial losses than an outside cyberattack.

How does sensitive data stay inside?

According to the information shared by Asım Akbal, DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solutions, defined as data leakage prevention software, serve exactly this purpose. Akbal said: “Safetica, ESET’s DLP solution, prevents sensitive data from leaving the network with its network auditing features. The software informs users about how sensitive data should be used. Safetica, which minimizes possible risks by preventing the use of unauthorized devices in the workplace, also provides the opportunity to encrypt files and even the entire computer, thus preventing unauthorized persons from accessing sensitive information.

Fast data flow makes control difficult

Pointing out that the increasing rapid data flow makes it difficult to control both external and internal cyber threats, Asım Akbal stated that DLP solutions provide control against internal threats, while antivirus software mainly provides defense against external factors.

Qnap and Berqnet also participated

Qnap Turkey Country Manager İsmail Doğan, Firewall Solutions Provider Berqnet Deputy General Manager Artuğ Tikiç and independent cyber security expert Alper Başaran also attended the “Future Ready Cyber ​​Security” meeting and shared their views with the audience.

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