What is Deep Web?

The Deep Web is notorious as a place for drug dealing and hitmen, but it can be a safe way to surf the web if you’re concerned about your privacy on the web. Thanks to the Tor Browser, it is possible to access the Deep Web easily.

Some websites such as Facebook and The New York Times also have versions with the “onion” extension that can be accessed through the Tor Browser.


Tor ensures that your traffic is anonymous while you browse the internet. You are safe if you have doubts about your privacy on the network, which is difficult to follow thanks to various encryptions.

What is the Deep Web?

In the normal web, domain names are translated into real IP addresses via DNS. This means that domain names are subject to central control and can be censored at any time. We can see examples of this frequently in our country. If you remember, in 2014, people wrote some DNS addresses on the walls in response to this.

Alec Muffett, a security engineer on the Board of the Open Rights Group who makes “onion” sites for Facebook and The New York Times, states that the Deep Web is a way out of such censorship. “The Tor network is not IPv4 or IPv6 at the top of the TCP/IP internet that brings together computers participating in the network, but another network that turns it into an entirely new network called the ‘Onion Domain’.” says.

What is Tor?

When you use the Tor network, your traffic is encrypted and routed anonymously, then clad in another layer of encryption. This is done three times over a decentralized network of nodes. Nodes are run by secret volunteers.

In addition, the Tor browser also deletes your browsing history and clears cookies after each session. However, there are some privacy methods as well. For example, when a user accesses two different websites using the same monitoring system on a regular network, they are both tracked. The Tor browser follows this and opens the links for both sites via a different circuit to make them look like two different people.


How to download and use Tor?

Users who download the Tor browser to their computer over the internet can use the Tor browser as if they were accessing the internet with any normal browser. It’s actually that simple. In addition to the desktop application, Tor also has an Android application and an iOS application, although with some restrictions.

It is possible to download the Tor browser from the links below. But let’s warn again; Although Tor and Deep Web are useful at some points, there are also harmful people in the network and the police trying to catch these people. We strongly recommend that you consider this when using Tor Browser.

Tor Browser desktop app

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