What Is HPV Dangerous For Both Women And Men?

In the conditions of the appearance of HPV sexuality The fact that such an issue is effective causes women to be left alone with a moral judgment. Unfortunately, the psychological and social burden left on women by this disease, which is largely treated with vaccines, is ignored.

Another burden of this disease on women is that the vaccine is not available in every country. not free, hence the problem of accessing the vaccine. This can cause women to live with a disease that can lead to cervical cancer unless treated ‘such as HPV’.

But HPV doesn’t just cause difficulties for women. with this disease Men are in trouble too.HPV is a threatening disease for human health, but can be easily prevented by vaccination if detected early.

Detection of HPV is not always easy.


HPV in the genital area your warts causes it to occur. However, not every type of HPV will cause genital warts. Sometimes it has been determined that there are people who are infected with HPV and do not have warts on their body.

Not all types of HPV are high-risk, low-risk types of HPV 6, 11, 40, 42, 44, 54, 61, 70, 72 and 81. High-risk types of HPV are 16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59, 66 and 68. Considering the seriousness of HPV, it seems that it is beneficial to keep regular doctor checks. However, the work is not always finished with doctor’s checks or treatments that remove warts.

HPV is not only dangerous for women’s health, but also for men’s health.


HPV is a virus that can infect both men and women. Condoms for HPV full protection does not provide. Because condoms are not protective for the entire genital area. It may not be easy to detect the source of transmission of HPV.

From the first moment of sexual intercourse, the risk of exposure to this virus arises. Although monogamy is recommended for protection from this virus, if your partner is infected with this virus whether you are monogamous or polygamousyou should know that there is no blocker for the virus to enter your body.


High-risk types of HPV can cause vaginal cancers, anal cancers, vulvar cancers, penile cancers, and oropharyngeal cancers (tonsils, larynx). As you can see HPV It is also very threatening for men’s health because it causes penile cancer. For this reason, it is possible to say that vaccine treatment to protect against HPV is not only recommended for women.

Will we get rid of HPV when we get the HPV vaccine?


HPV vaccine is preventive against infections caused by HPV. In particular, the vaccine caused by HPV to cervical cancer We can say that he is almost a fighter against it. It is not correct to wait to be infected with the HPV virus before getting the HPV vaccine.

There are three types of vaccines developed for HPV. These; Gardasil is Gardasil-9 and Cervarix. Gardasil provides protection for HPV types 6, 11, 16, 18. It is effective for types Gardasil 9 (6, 11, 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52, 58). Cervarix is ​​effective against HPV types 16 and 18. For these vaccines before the age of 14 2 doses Getting shot is enough. HPV vaccines consist of 3 doses for those over the age of 14 and are shot every 2 months for 6 months.


The vaccine is said to be more effective before the virus enters the body. However, someone infected with one type of HPV can still be protected from other types of HPV when they are vaccinated with HPV. For cancers caused by HPV surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapymay need to be.

The World Health Organization and the Australian Cancer Council say people should get the HPV vaccine. In fact, in 2020, the World Health Organization introduced the vaccine to the public as a strategy that could eradicate cancer, with the mission of global fight against cervical cancer.


HPV vaccine is used to protect the body from HPV by strengthening the body’s immune system. antibody it produces. So, while this vaccine is so protective against a disease that creates significant health risks like HPV and the World Health Organization says that everyone should have this vaccine, why isn’t HPV still a preventable health problem today? This is because the vaccine not free, hence the unavailability of the vaccine for everyone.

Unfortunately, the HPV vaccine is not included in every country’s national vaccination program.


The HPV vaccine was given spiritually in 2006, and some countries have included this vaccine in the mandatory immunization program for women. First country to include HPV vaccine in school vaccination program It is Australia.As a country that wants to reduce cervical cancer to zero, Australia stands out when it comes to vaccination.

After Australia, the countries that include the HPV vaccine in their vaccination programs are respectively; United Kingdom, United States, Belgium and Denmark. As of 2016, the HPV vaccine was included in the national vaccination program in 70 countries. Thanks to the support of NGOs and scientific developments, in underdeveloped and middle-income countriesIt is also known that the HPV vaccine has become available.


In Turkey, HPV vaccine is not included in the national vaccination program. The Ministry of Health has licensed two types of HPV vaccines in Turkey. Gardasil and Cervarix.Vaccine price for 3 doses since HPV vaccines are not covered by insurance in Turkey It is 2,085 TL.

The fact that the HPV vaccine is not included in the national vaccination program in every country adversely affects the availability of the vaccine. In addition, the perception of HPV vaccine, especially in front of women being vaccinated. obstaclesforming.

The cost of the HPV vaccine, women’s sexual experiences and the fact that HPV is seen as a moral problem in social life lead to avoidance of the vaccine.


Since HPV is a sexually transmitted disease, it is socially morally accepted. being stigmatized.It is possible to say that since the most common disease caused by HPV is cervical cancer, it puts women in a higher risk group.

Prevention of HPV from a social point of view individual responsibility It is thought to be due to the acquisition. In this case, women in the patriarchal social structure, because they have this disease, they are accused ofis seen.

Factors such as the cost of the HPV vaccine, planning to get married, the frequency of having gynecological diseases, insufficient knowledge about HPV, and not finding HPV vaccines reliable are also included. women’s access to the HPV vaccinea few of the obstacles.

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