What Should Be Considered When Buying a Smart Watch?

Technological developments have increased the importance of smart devices and products that emphasize mobility. For example; smart watches . Smart watches, which were ignored 5-6 years ago, have now become indispensable for many people. What about buying a new smartwatch? which elementsshould we consider?

Access to technological products is not easy in Turkey. Because smart products in general being imported and the high exchange rate increases the price of the products. Now with you smart watch models We will talk about what you should pay attention to when you start your search. Because to make sure you get your money’s worth, you must make the right choice . If you’re ready, let’s start.


What should be considered when buying a smart watch?

Compatibility with the operating system

The first thing you should look for when buying a smart watch is its compatibility with the phone you are using. This criterion even at the price is important. All manufacturer brands claim that their watches work seamlessly with both iOS and Android. What they say is essentially true. But not always. For example, let’s say you are using a Samsung phone, your favorite smart watch is also Apple Watch 7 never mind. Unfortunately, Apple’s smartwatch is not available on devices with Android. you cannot use . Although some indie developers have produced some unsafe plugins for it, there is no official support.

Quite the opposite is often the case. valid . An iPhone user can use almost any smartwatch in the world. But here, too, there may be a performance issue. Tech lovers know that the “iOS closed box” stereotype has been around for years, and this is true. Although giant brands such as Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi have made their smart watches compatible with iOS, the products of such smartphone manufacturers always work more stable and accurately on the Android operating system. If you want to get full performance from the product you will buy, our advice is to work with your operating system. will work in full harmonyis to turn to a model.


Display technology: OLED, LCD, AMOLED?

Display technology has an important place in terms of performance as well as visual satisfaction. Although manufacturers are optimizing their battery performance day by day, unfortunately, better display technology has a negative impact on battery performance. negative has an effect. Display technologies with the image quality of the watch, vividness of colors directly related to. Therefore, it is a choice that will be very important. But a good display technology also reduces the usage time as it consumes more energy than others. In this case, you have many options, let’s list some example scenarios for this:

  • To use the best display technology while not sacrificing battery performance, you can use the dial of your watch. anytime You can’t keep it open. You can evaluate the options without animation of the dial wallpaper.
  • Carrying the best screen technology with the animated dial you want on your arm, you waive the battery, Charger you can carry. (Many high-end models have fast charging support.)
  • If you are interested in functionality, you can choose an average display technology and perform both the previous options and for longer useyou can have.

AMOLED screen technology is really successful and worth using, but battery performance is just as important as the screen. Therefore, when examining the screen technology of the model you like, your expectations Consider. Vibrant and bright colours, optimized performance, or both?


Design and personalization

In our opinion, it is one of the most important features that makes a smart watch a smart watch. design and personalization it can be tried. Strap options are important for personalizing your watch and turning it into an accessory. When you buy more than one strap, that can match your outfitchoices become possible.

Another part is design of the clock . There are many different smartwatch designs, including round, rectangular or thin screen. Generally, round ones look more classical and more traditional. for example Huawei Watch GT 2 The model will often be perceived as a classic watch when viewed from the outside. On the other hand, Apple Watch SE or Xiaomi Mi Watch has a completely new generation smart watch look. At this point, it will be useful to decide what kind of accessory you want to have by considering your clothing style, stance and character. Hour, a complementary elementSince it will be on your arm, it should be in harmony with you.


Apps and features

After completing the look, it now makes the smart watch a smart watch. to functions We can pass. Here, the applications supported by the smart watch are among the most important issues. Again, the intended use one of the most important factors . Perhaps this criterion may be unimportant to you.

For the smart watch you are considering buying optimized apps You can list the list by operating system. For example, Spotify, Apple Music, Uber, WhatsApp It is possible to control many applications such as smart watches. This allows you to move around without taking your phone out of your pocket/bag, especially when you’re on the road.


One of the more important functions is call answering . This feature is a distinguishing feature among smart watches. Many smart watches show an incoming call, but do not attempt to speak instantly on your watch. He will not let it.

The same applies to viewing and replying to incoming messages (WhatsApp, SMS). Again, some models only allow viewing, while others to your answer also allows. Both of these features are very valuable and important features and they are between devices. to a serious differenceit causes.

At this point, the expectation and purpose of usage Activated. You should definitely evaluate whether the applications you use or will use are optimized with your potential watch.

Health and sports apps

The most attractive features of smart watches health and fitness apps it could be. Health applications include step counting, heart rate tracking, ECG, sleep management, stress management, and analytics such as SpO2. Smart watches provide these analyzes with the sensors in their mechanisms and determining the quality of the smart watchThis is one of the most important factors.

Smart watch with good sensor technology almost completely true gives. If the above data is important to you and you do not want to be mistaken, you should definitely research the sensor technologies. In addition your healthThe application you will follow is also provided by the brand, the interface of this application, the data quality and storage it offers should also be among the things to be checked.


Another prominent issue seems to be sports applications. Smart watch manufacturer brands in the marketing phase It highlights slogans such as “support for 120 different sports activities”. This is for sports/fitness lovers absolutely importanta feature.

For example, let’s say you swim regularly. some smart watches while swimming It stores many data such as how many calories you have burned, how much energy you have spent, how long you have swam, and allows you to track your progress. Some smartwatches go even further, giving you recommendations based on your data. This is a very important feature. If you have a sports/fitness activity regularly, you can support both sports and data provided by the application.You should definitely research.

The suggestions listed above it’s all about expectations . Therefore, before you look at the products, you should at least determine the general lines of the features you say “must have” and “whether or not”. It will be useful.

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