What Will Microsoft’s Huawei Attitude Be?

With the concern that Chinese technology manufacturer Huawei may share user data with the Chinese government, state officials made statements and stated that Huawei was a ‘security threat’. On top of that, Trump blacklisted Huawei. After the statements made, Google canceled Huawei’s Android license, and right after that, Intel and Qualcomm announced that they would not sell chips to Huawei. While things were not going well for Huawei, now the eyes are on Microsoft. It was a matter of curiosity what kind of attitude Microsoft will take for Huawei branded laptops, which is preparing to offer the May update of the Windows 10 operating system to its users.


Considering the Android operating system, it seems possible that Huawei can somehow overcome this end. This is because Android is open source. In this way, Huawei officials can continue to provide updates and services for their users with the help of several programs. However, this is not the case for Microsoft. As it is known, Windows operating systems are completely closed source code and it is not easy to change the codes. This means that if Microsoft announces that it will stop supporting Huawei, Huawei laptop users will not be able to update their operating systems.

In the Huawei-America fight, where a new development takes place almost every minute, the eyes are now on Microsoft. We will also share with you a statement Microsoft will make on the subject.

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