What’s Up With The Huawei Mate X After The US Ban?

Users have been waiting for the launch of the device for a long time for the Huawei Mate X, which was released in February and was the most popular and most successful among foldable smartphones. After the ban today, Google withdrew its support, and it was a matter of curiosity what would happen to Mate X.


We have received the information that Huawei does not have a problem with its favorite foldable smartphone Mate X at the moment. The device will most likely be released, but due to Google, it will not be able to receive any update of Android, which is the most common among mobile operating versions. Mate X is expected to debut with at least Android 9 Pie, since it got its license before banning.


The information that the device will be offered for sale for around $ 2,600 is ‘Will users give such a high price to a device that does not have Google software support?’ begs the question. While the Mate X is expected to be announced in June or later, it is estimated that the US government can completely remove or at least reduce the heavy sanction imposed.

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