When Will Apple’s Mixed Reality Glasses Come Out?

US-based tech giant apple has been working on virtual and augmented reality glasses for a while. Actually, it’s not that mysterious. Because I have been dealing with this product for months or even years. cauldron of claims it’s boiling. A recent development is that Apple’s mixed reality glasses are now ready has become may bemakes you think.

Experienced Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo made statements about Apple’s upcoming glasses. According to Kuo, the company January 2023 It will organize an event in . and present the mixed reality glasses to all consumers. Mentioning that these glasses are the most complex product Apple has ever developed, Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple’s glasses helped the development of the mixed reality industry. can speed upit states.

The question of whether the prediction will come true is in doubt.


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As a matter of fact; Perhaps one of Ming-Chi Kuo’s most unsuccessful issues is these glasses. Apple analyst, in the statements he made in the past, was first for glasses. year 2022 had pointed out. Kuo, who made a statement a short time later, talked about the second quarter of 2023 this time. The new estimate is January 2023. So this claim. keep a distance, a more reasonable approach.

It is not yet known what features Apple’s mixed reality glasses are equipped with. clear not . There are many claims made in this regard. However, the last claim that came to the agenda at this point is that the device can work independently. The glasses, which will allegedly be equipped with 14 cameras, are Apple’s Offering performance close to the M1 processor It will come with a custom processor. All this will become clear with the statements Apple will make.

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