Why are the windows of washing machines made concave?

Like all other technological devices, washing machines took many forms until they took their current form. After the machines, the first examples of which are wood, the ones with the drying feature are followed by the fully automatic machines. washing machinesentered our homes.

The washing machines we use today are many. with technology equipped. Quite by design making progressThese appliances are equipped with higher capacities, many different washing programs and smart technologies that we can control even from the phone.


Even though all these features are improving day by day, there is one design concept that most machines have in common: Covers. almost all glass doors of washing machines, everytime inward that is, it is made in a ‘concave’ way. Have you ever thought about why?

There are two reasons why glass doors of washing machines are designed concave:

More efficient operation of the rotation mechanism inside the machine


The first reason for this design approach; to prevent the laundry from getting caught in the door part. The more the laundry moves and the more it spins, the better the washing will be, as its contact with water will increase. The fact that the glass extends inwards ensures that the laundry is pushed into this constantly rotating mechanism and thus it is washed better. If the door was flat, laundry may accumulate around the door and could get stuck.

To prevent water leaks and protect the cap rubber


The tires that surround the hole in the machines are actually a very important task undertakes. Even though these tires are produced to withstand high pressure, too much laundry in the machine and unbalanced rotation movements of the machine can cause them to tear. In case of tearing, water leaking into the electronic parts of the machine and accompanying short circuitproblems such as

The concave design of the cover glass ensures that the clothes stay away from the cover rubber and also prevent its wear. obstacles, so it’s possible water leakis also prevented.

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