Why Are the Words Bank and Bank Similar to Each Other?

bank and bankEven if you thought the words were alike, the idea that there might be a connection between them probably seemed too far-fetched to you.

a place where we sitwith a place where we invest money What kind of relationship could there be between The answer is hidden deep in history:

The origin of the word bank goes back to the Italian word “banco”.


Modern banking activities emerged when the Jews expelled from Spain came together with Italian grain merchants and produced brand new financing solutions. These activities are in Italian trade centers. on the stallshas been made.

The word “banco” in Italian; “seat bench”, “deck where rowers sit on ships” and “stand” means. These places, which radically changed the commercial life, became the name of this new business line over time. Over time, it has spread to many languages ​​in this way.

The origin of the word “bankruptcy”, which means “bankrupt” in English and “banca rotta” in Italian, is also quite interesting.


With the first steps of modern banking, terms such as interest, stock, bankruptcy, invoice, insurance were also born. in Italian bankruptcymeaning of “banca rotta” “bench broke” is. If a banker whose business is going badly loses the money of his investors, the victims would really break the bank where that banker made his transactions. That’s why when a bank goes bankrupt it is said in English and Italian that the bank is broken.

Bonus: The way the kitchen counter is called “bango” or “banko” in Izmir and its surroundings also has a connection with this story.


As we mentioned earlier, “banjo” The word comes from the Italian word for “bench”. The name of the bank takes its name from the counters where customers stand in front of the cashier.

In summary; Because Italians use the same word for “bench” and bench where we sit. bank and bankThere is such a relationship between

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