Why Did EA and FIFA Separate?

When internet cafes were first opened in Turkey separation of internet cafe and PlayStation cafe did not have. There could be 6 computers, 4 PS (plain PS, no numbers next to it) available in a shop. When you sit in front of a game console at that time, you “FIFA or Japanese football?”they would ask, they would give you the CD of the game you chose.

Actually FIFA’s first rival Sensible World of Soccer was. Then in that chair Winnig Eleven passed. Over the years Winnig Eleven became Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and then Konami eFootball. unmoving FIFA seriesannounced that we are very close to the end, unexpectedly according to many people.

How did things come to this?


in 1993 When EA and FIFA officials came together, they signed an agreement for a 5-year cooperation. According to this EA Sports would brand the world’s most popular sport in the virtual world. all of us “Tini gaym”he will memorize “It’s in the game”Continuation agreements also came in 1998, 2006 and 2013, which made sure we would continue to hear the slogan.

It’s been 29 years, after this time what did they not agree on In fact, it was almost certain that this problem would arise at some point. For a very long time, there has been a confused situation about the representation rights of the players and the value of the brands, to put it simply. In general, the games of football also cost a lot of money and we can say that everyone realized this later.

The relationship between FIFA and EA so far has been quite mutualistic had progressed. From time to time, the FIFA series, which lagged behind its competitors, became a partner even in the worst situation and continued to earn millions of dollars thanks to its brand and copyrights. EA’s almost endless In the long run, his rivals could not resist him, thanks to his resources that seemed to be FIFA, on the other hand, thinks that the reason for this dominance of EA is its own brand and wants more of the pie.

Footballers’ weird hair and dollar green


In recent years, many football players have lost their hair. to strange colors We see you paint. Some football players also come up with interesting hair and accessories to the extent allowed by the rules of the game. Of course, for some players this method is a form of self-expression, but for most players the main goal is their appearance. become easily distinguishable to bring. Thus, they aim to generate more income from image rights or to make existing image rights explainable.

Salaries in modern day football Football Manager This issue is very important as it is not determined as in the series, and some of the salaries are paid within the scope of image rights. In addition to these image rights, the clubs also have their own brands and forms. brand revenues there is. Federations also receive the brand revenues of their organizations. As the pie for games grows, everyone wants to have more control over the games.

‘Cause everybody wants more


FIFA brand, EA Sports ‘s football game to a different point in the minds of gamers. For example, although the PES series was generally better accepted at the beginning of the 2010s, FIFA managed to stay competitive thanks to licenses and copyrights, and even its name was enough to topple with our football jargon. In the background, EA Sports was pouring huge sums of money into licenses and royalties for the series.

To make these payments, EA was going to deal with either the unions or the leagues themselves. So instead of buying the rights of individual teams, jerseys and stadiums with a direct league agreed. In these agreements, the company made sure that the rights would not be used by its competitors. Instead of Manchester City Man Bluewe were seeing.

Another thing that brought the success of FIFA is FUT was the mode. For many people, FIFA now means FUT mode. In this mode where players collect virtual cards, they form their own teams and challenge their opponents online. The FUT mode allowed players to earn money for EA Sports and continue playing the game after purchasing the game. To explain how successful FUT is, with numbers, EA Sports’ earnings in 2021 from this mode was 1.62 billion dollars.

So, what’s the problem?


To put it simply, FIFA brand it is no longer a brand that EA Sports needs for awareness. FIFA does not hold any licenses except for organizations like the World Cup, and EA Sports’ series, FIFA itselfmanaged to pass.

On the other hand, this does not mean that EA Sports is the party that broke the partnership. There was no reason for the firm to want to jeopardize one of its most lucrative games. What the game giant wants, do more with games ti. Especially to organize e-sports tournaments and via FIFA. NFTsprojects such as selling was the main goal of EA Sports.

FIFA, which does not allow such additional income opportunities, additionally offered a large fee of 1 billion dollars from EA Sports. FIFA thought that giving such exclusive rights to the game company would turn into a problem for them and block new deals where they could generate more income.

So EA Sports FC won’t have licenses?


It will happen, but there may be problems with the licenses of FIFA tournaments. On the other hand, the UK partnership of EA Sports is currently Premier League, Spain La Liga,Germany Bundesliga, UEFAand the South American Football Federation CONMEBOL It was stated that it will continue to cooperate with Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA Sports, said in a written press release that these organizations EA Sports FCHe said he will be in the game.

FIFA, on the other hand, made its own press release 2 hours after that statement. Saying that it has diversified its game rights, the organization announced that new games without simulations will come and they have started negotiations with distributors, developers and investors for their own simulations. FIFA president Gianni InfantinoIn his statement, he claimed that the game with the name FIFA would be the best game.

Another point that draws attention in FIFA’s statement is that non simulation games was the expression. Since the management games are also simulations, it is difficult to say anything definite about how the games will come out. Maybe a card game will be made, but the plural use of games makes one wonder what else to do.

How do I remember this story?


Infantino, who we knew for years by drawing unfortunate draws for Turkish teams before he became the head of FIFA, believes that the name FIFA will suffice. On the other hand, around Infantino from hundreds of people in suits Assuming that some of them are consultants, we say that there are probably some people who understand the game industry. Because looking only at the financial part of the business can be disastrous.

in 2003 Championship Manager The series had experienced a similar breakup. At that time Sports InteractiveIt had the game’s database and match engine. eid He had the naming rights within himself. After the disagreement of the two companies, we are faced with a new Championship Manager game whose name has not changed, and a brand new but spiritually continuation of the old game. Football Manager the game was out. Even at that time, when there was no social media and limited access to the internet, the players quickly moved away from the CM series. The result? Today, the CM series is discontinued, while FM is considered unrivaled in its field.

What can FIFA do now?


Among the criticisms directed at the FIFA series made by EA Sports, the game is annoying from time to time, to in-game purchases There are criticisms that it focuses too much and does not improve much from year to year. From this point of view, the company may now have to do more. In general, competition is good, but competition is tough in this market.

Konami has been trying to take part in this competition for years and unlike EA Sports eFootball continues its struggle by making the series free. It should not be forgotten that the Japanese company has sold more than 100 million football games and has been making games since 1978. FIFA could possibly cooperate with Konami.

Another alternative would be to negotiate with another well-known publisher. who came of age with NBA and PGA Tour games 2K A firm such as Still, it is not easy to develop a FIFA series-sized game until 2024. In addition, FIFA may want to have a wider range by turning its face to mobile games.

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