Why Do We Enjoy Games Less As We Get Older?

The gaming industry is a sector with unlimited potential. The gaming world, which has become the world’s largest source of entertainment, has a larger market share than the cinema and the music industry combined. Considering that there are more than 3.24 billion players in the world, where games are todayWe can easily guess.

These games, which occupy such a large area in our lives and are constantly developing, Why can’t it give the pleasure of the old days?Let’s answer all the frequently asked questions together.

Who cares about Dark Souls: The stress of real life and growing serious responsibilities when you’re already living life in hard mode


As we get older, our responsibilities naturally increase dramatically. This intensity sometimes increases so much that sometimes we find it very difficult to even have time to sit down and rest and listen in vain. As such, one cannot do anything in his spare time, and the threshold for tolerance for any activity is quite low. This remaining time usually to the familyand daily personal needsleaving.

Especially; Considering the stress, workload and constantly increasing intensity, we may need to protect our psychological health. Playing games under all this trouble may not even come to mind for most people. Although this is the case, in fact games have a relaxing nature . They aim to distance the player from the reality of real life and include them in their own universe and atmosphere. This is the main reason why a player is hooked up to a game.


When we think about it this way, playing certain games can be quite effective in such situations. If we can spare some free time for games, even if it is small, in this busy environment, we can play some games and get away from the stress and responsibilities of the real world for a short time. can relax away.

Of course, like everything else, this will vary from person to person. So are the games to be played. For example, games that we call “souls-like” such as Dark Souls can cause a higher stress threshold for some players, as they offer a tough struggle in general. Some players like this difficulty of the game and enjoy the success achieved in the difficulty. Long story short, It is entirely up to you to discover the game that will relax you..

Let’s talk a little bit about the gamer parents: Family


If you like to play games and if you are going to have a baby soon We can easily say that there are very difficult times waiting for your acting life. Your child will be connected with the light on your PlayStation controller and you will be exposed to cute little attacks while playing the game. Although these attacks do not affect those who prefer to play single player games – it is possible to stop the game – if you are playing multiplayer games, a small blow to your controller while the opponent is just in sight can be the end of you and your team.

Joking aside, with the serious responsibilities that increase after having a child, you may find it difficult to spare time for your hobbies for a while. As your responsibility on your family increases, you may be seriously distracted from activities such as playing games and you may not even be able to enjoy it as much as before. Of course, when your child grows up, you can choose to play co-op games together and continue the fun together. So even if your partner isn’t playing games perspective on acting quite important. If your spouse sees playing as an empty activity and instead of supporting you, “Are you playing like a child again?” It should not be surprising that you will feel cold after a while of playing the game due to the psychological pressure you will experience.

Not enjoying any games anymore and being stuck with old games: Burnout


Every player who plays actively can go through such periods from time to time. Playing, which is a very fun activity for you, can become a very boring activity the next day. Your computer systems that you have eagerly bought will not open, and when you do, you will be wandering around the games you have already finished. At that moment, we feel that our pleasure from the games is over and we can repeat these beautiful experiences we had in the past again. that we can’t tastewe think

In fact, the biggest reason for experiencing such a process is the a little break due to need. Although such a situation is rare for users who play online games, if you are a player who prefers single-player games, it is natural that you encounter such processes frequently. If you get away from the games for a few days and focus on another hobby that you can do in your spare time (like watching TV series, reading books and doing sports), you will give yourself a little break.


After this break period, you need to find the right game that will make you love to play again. So what is this right game? It could be a game genre you’ve never explored before, or a long-running build. Take a look at the popular and successful games of the period and embark on the adventure that draws you in the most. best choicewill be.

Instead of just looking at games with huge budgets, you can also take a look at innovative and successful independent productions. Behind their simple looks, these indie productions nice ores is hosting. In this way, you can both enjoy playing games as before, and expand your gaming culture and perspective.

Conclusion: Actually, everything starts with you.


There is no age to play games And all these reasons we have mentioned are completely different from person to person. If you can’t enjoy the games as before, embarking on a different adventure or taking a short break from your gaming life will be of great benefit. We are witnessing one of the periods when diversity in gaming is at its peak. Surely you can find that old taste you are looking for.

It is possible to enjoy playing games at any time and at any age. Of course, we do not claim that everyone will have fun by playing games. Some people may find this activity absurd and unnecessary, especially later in life. After all, not everyone will like to play games. So what will you get from video games in the future? Do you think the pleasure will decrease?

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