Why Do We Exaggerate Health Symptoms Written On The Internet?

Nowadays, it is possible to find all kinds of information on the Internet. There are many different health-themed websites, but have you ever questioned which one is really reliable? cyberchondric individualswithout making this questioning, they internalize every health information they read and are concerned about their own health.

Even though the information on the internet helps people to discover their problems, sometimes people can be overly influenced by this information, causing their psychology to deteriorate. In order to better understand the distinction on this issue, first cyberchondrialet’s see what it is.

What is cyberchondria?


Cyberchondria is a result of excessive searching for health information on the internet. health concern it brings with it. People who show cyberchondria behavior are also called cyberchondria. In other words, if you are constantly doing research about your health on the internet, and if you are worried after reading these researches, you may be cyberchondric. Moreover, the anxiety caused by cyberchondria can lead to the situation of seeking more health information again.

Is cyberchondria a mental illness?


Cyberchondria is seen as a pathology that can cause internet addiction. However DSM-V It has not been able to find a separate area of ​​its own within the criteria. For this reason, it is not possible to make a clear definition as a psychological disease. Cyberchondria can be considered as a behavioral disorder that develops due to the use of technology. also American Psychiatric Associationdid not make a clear statement about whether cyberchondria is a psychological disease or not.

How do you know if you are cyberchondric? Symptoms of cyberchondria:


Although there is nothing serious in the health status of cyberchondric individuals like they have a problem they seem to perceive. Despite the normal course of their health, people may have great concerns about their health.

Cyberchondria are constantly health information online Therefore, they spend a lot of time online on the Internet. In cyberchondric individuals, there is an effort to get information from doctors and experts on any subject. In fact, although what the experts say relieves the cyberchondria for a while, their anxious search for health continues. Sometimes even cyberchondria It can also be distrustful of medical professionals. What experts say may not feel satisfying or sufficient for cyberchondria. Well, if you say what to do in this case, how is a cyberchondric characteristic, you must first understand it.

Cyberchondria have some typical characteristics. These;

  • Worrying about health when you don’t really have any symptoms.
  • Spending long hours online searching for information for minor health issues.
  • Fear of having one or more diseases.
  • What he reads on the Internet worries him more than comforts him
  • Fast heartbeat, sweating, or anxiety when searching the Internet
  • Always thinking of the worst outcome for health
  • Making major diagnoses of simple illnesses and adding anxiety to worry
  • To accept every information read on the Internet as true and the only truth.

What are the triggers of cyberchondria? What causes cyberchondria?


Many conditions, from trauma to chronic stress, can lead to cyberchondria. An anxious nature in general can cause cyberchondria. Generalized in 70% of cyberchondric individuals to anxiety disorder found. Apart from this, being more aware of bodily sensations than other people can trigger cyberchondria. If there is someone in the family of cyberchondric individuals who has had a serious illness, this may cause the person to worry about the disease.

How can we solve cyberchondria?


In being cyberchondric, first of all, the person is inside without blaming himself. examining the situation with awareness Searching for health information excessively can be very restrictive for a person’s daily life. Since this situation arises from the need of people to get out of their anxious mood and get into a mood that they trust, it may be necessary to create a suitable environment of trust for cyberchondric individuals.

In other words, instead of looking for the trust they need on the internet, people seek a doctor, specialist or in their field. to someone who is a professional should try to reach them directly. Since cyberchondric individuals may be distrustful of experts, it may be comforting for cyberchondric individuals to provide an environment of trust by making detailed explanations to these individuals.


of healthcare professionals It is important to tell cyberchondric people not to look for information from every site on the internet, but to read only reliable sources. Cyberchondriacal people should read only reliable sources of health institutions instead of reading health information from every source.

In this way, a control over the behavior of the cyberchondria can be achieved. Most important of all Cyberchondric is identifying which fear is causing the anxiety that someone is in. In this way, the main emotion that causes anxiety can be discovered and the source of the problem can be reached to solve the problem.

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