Why Does Apple Always Pay Attention To Data Security?

At WWDC 2019, Apple introduced new operating system versions for the first time. In addition to iOS 13, iPadOS, which will come for iPad, was among the remarkable announcements. But an important detail was hidden between the lines of this conference. While the importance of data is increasing day by day with the IoT (Internet of Things), why did Apple focus so much on individual security?

Although data means power, people don’t like to act on the idea that they are being listened to and being watched all the time. Therefore, the company’s serious investments in the field of security in recent years can be considered as the right decision for itself. Of course, this decision has its pros as well as its cons.

During our meeting, special attention was drawn to one point; security improvements were not Apple’s company policy. These measures are designed entirely to protect the personal rights of people. At least that’s how Apple explains the situation.

The main topics of security included Safari, Photos, Messages, Maps and iCloud. Security updates for these applications, respectively, were shared with us.


  • Many users are unaware that they are being tracked while using a web browser.
  • Sites can easily access users’ information under the name of cookies.
  • Cookies; user data, fingerprint records, calls and most importantly, locations can be easily accessed.
  • The improvements made on Safari are said to be on disabling these tracking features. According to the company’s claim, users can have full control over access using Safari.
  • In addition, searches made through Safari’s own toolbar are also designed to keep users safe.
  • Some websites can have tracker bots of more than 100 companies. The Cross-Site Tracking feature significantly reduces the data that sites receive from users.

Messages App

  • Conversations with another Messages user are end-to-end encrypted.
  • This encryption method is also active when using FaceTime.

Apple Maps

  • If you want, you can even deny your phone access to your location while using Maps.
  • Apple is constantly renewing the algorithm so that contact information and locations cannot be reached on searches.
  • The intensity of the calls is evaluated regionally, so data can be protected.

Apart from these three applications, the security features on Photos and iCloud were also shared with us. iCloud can do E2E encryption for private data. The Photos application, with millions of photos added every day, benefits from the capabilities of the Neural Engine.

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