Windows 10 May Update Stopped Due to Problem

Microsoft can’t get rid of update problems. Now, a problem that appeared in the May update, which will be offered for Windows 10 users, seems to have given Microsoft a headache.


The update that Microsoft will offer to users in May causes a problem with external memory cards such as USB sticks and SD cards in the computer. According to the statements made by Microsoft, the names of the drivers on the computer change after the update is installed. For example, a USB stick called a D: drive may look like an E: drive. This causes programs and operating systems in external sources such as SD card and USB memory that some users use against insufficient amount of memory to crash. As a result of the different driver assignments after the update, Microsoft has stopped the May update for Windows 10 users for now.


Windows 10 users trying to install updates on their computers encountered the above error message. Although this problem may not seem very important, it is actually very important. If the SSDs and HDDs in your computers conflict with their assigned names and external storage units such as USB sticks and SD cards, or if their names are changed, it may cause problems such as system crash. If the May update is downloaded and waiting to be installed on your computer, you need to remove all the USB sticks and SD cards attached to your computer and perform the update.

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