Windows 10 Users Can Put Chrome In Dark Mode

As it is known, the dark mode feature comes with the 74 version of Google Chrome. With this feature, Google Chrome users would be able to put their browsers in dark mode if they wanted to. The feature that came to macOS with Chrome 73 was highly appreciated by many users.


Dark mode is not currently available to all Google Chrome users. According to the official statements, there is of course a way for users who are curious or want to use the feature that will be offered in the near future.

  • Right click on the shortcut that belongs to Google Chrome.
  • Click on the features from the options that will appear here.
  • There is a section called ‘Target:’ on the screen that will appear.
  • You add –force-dark-mode code at the end of this section.

Thanks to this code you added, you can use Google Chrome by starting it in dark mode.

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