Windows 10’s Your Phone App Now Supports MMS

Over the weekend, Microsoft updated the Your Phone app on Android, which eliminates the need to connect to Wi-Fi to sync your phone’s data to the computer. This means you can now also use mobile data to sync your phone. With the update, the icon of the application has also been renewed.

Now, Microsoft has handled the PC aspect of the business. You will now be able to view and send MMS messages in the Your Phone app for Windows. You will also be able to easily transfer the media files contained in the message to your PC. This innovation was shared on Twitter by Microsoft employee Roberto Bojorquez:

In addition to the new feature, Your Phone app now has a new icon and design on Android devices. Along with OneNote, this application is a few of the applications that come with Windows 10. So it’s nice to see Microsoft keep these apps up to date.

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