Wing Sound of Millions of Butterflies Starting to Fly at the Same Time

Butterflies are delicate and always associated with grace. In almost all cultures, butterfly and delicacy are paired, and butterflies are used to describe delicacy in idioms and descriptions. However, monarch butterflies are very strong creatures with their migration completed in four generations.

YouTuber and tropical entomologist Phil Torres is making a documentary series called The Jungle Diaries. This series consists of short documentaries. For his latest work, Torres was able to capture the moment of take-off of millions of butterflies preparing to migrate, patiently waiting in Mexico’s Sierra Chincua Wildlife Area.


Describing the wings of butterflies as one of the rarest sounds in the world, Torres says, “The sound of millions of monarch butterflies flying around is a world treasure and we need to protect this incredible species.”

The image quality of the documentary and the frames it captures are also quite spectacular. Torres shot images of monarch butterflies clustered on tree branches and stumps for the winter, and the images look quite stunning.

Monarch butterflies, or Monarchs, are in the Nymphalidae family. They are found in Canada, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, the Canary Islands, the Azores, and Western Europe. These butterflies, which sleep without eating or drinking for four months in winter, have an interesting migration system.


The first generation of these butterflies, which migrate in four generations, hibernates and starts migrating after mating. They spawn and complete their lifespan in the south of America. The second generation is born from eggs in the south of America and spawns in the north of America and Canada, where their journey ends.

Born in the eggs of the 2nd generation, the 3rd generation arrives in Northern Canada, the peak of migration. Here, the butterflies that lay eggs at the end of July complete their lives.

The 4th generation is known as the super generation. They are born with undeveloped reproductive organs, so they live up to 6 months. These butterflies migrate in three generations and migrate again to the Mexican coast, where they hibernate for 4 months.

You can listen to the wings of these butterflies in the video below.

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