Wolfenstein Youngblood E3 2019 Trailer Released

Coming out next month Wolfenstein Youngblood E3 2019performed at the conference.

According to the shared information, the hero of the series is in the focus of the main story of the new game. BJ Blazkowicz will disappear without a trace. While BJ Blazkowicz is thought to be in occupied Paris, our hero’s daughters are at the head of the operation to rescue him. Jess and Sophwill be found.

You can access all E3 2019 news from this link.

In addition, Bethesda and Machine Games will offer us a cooperative experience for the first time with the new game of the series. The published E3 trailer of the game also mentioned the cooperative gameplay of the game. Bethesda,this part promises us a very entertaining experience.

At the same time, the new game of the series where we will destroy Paris 26 July‘in PC, Xbox One, PS4and Nintendo SwitchIt is also worth noting that it will make its debut for platforms.

Without further ado, we leave you alone with the new trailer of the game, which hosts beautiful scenes.

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