World Emotion and Experience Map Created

People’s emotions, behaviors, experiences and thoughts are one of the most researched topics in recent years. Especially in our age, due to the feeling of stress and unhappiness, which has turned into a social epidemic, experts who seek solutions constantly follow people’s feelings and life experiences.


Gallup also considers people’s moods and daily experiences in their research. The research was conducted with more than 151,000 respondents from more than 140 countries:

The survey asked users about their daily positive and negative experiences. The focus of the questions asked to people was whether people experience certain emotions.

The country that felt the most anger was Armenia, while Estonia was the country with the least anger. Turkey was one of the countries where the most no answer was given to the question “Did you enjoy yesterday?” Other questions to which our country was among the countries that gave the most no answer were ‘Did you learn anything yesterday?’ and ‘Did you ever smile or laugh yesterday?’ had questions.


North African country Chad was the country with the most negative experience, followed by Niger and Sierra Leone. Paraguay was the most positive country in the world, according to the study, in which Latin American countries generally stood out as positive.

Turkey fell short in terms of positive experiences and was among the countries with the least positive experiences. You can find the results of the survey here.

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