World’s first Rock’n Roll Metaverse and NFT project announced!

While the concepts of NFT and metaverse are being talked about more and more every day, a new digital art project is being added to the increasingly widespread digital art projects in Turkey. Rock’n’Verse, the world’s first rock metaverse brought to life by Turkish entrepreneurs and artists, will bring rock musicians and rock listeners together in the virtual universe with unique NFT avatars.

A new one is being added to NFT (unique digital asset) projects such as Turkey-based Fluffy Polar Bears and NinjaSquad, which have made a global impact with the interest of talented artists and famous names. Emphasizing that they realized the first rock-themed virtual universe with CoinTürk partnership, Selçuk Eser, one of the founders of Rock’n’Verse, announced that they have started a multidisciplinary project that brings together rock music, visual arts, fashion design, game engineering and event organizations. “Verse is counting the days to transform into a virtual universe that brings together the entire rock music community at the international level. This universe, which will include concert halls, open-air festival areas, restaurants, bars, hotels, game platforms and stores, will be open to all rockers, from musicians to listeners. Rock’n “Verse will also host real-time concerts using virtual reality glasses (VR) and performances by rock musicians from all over the world. The first series of the project, consisting of three phases, will begin very soon with the sale of 3333 NFTs belonging to the Rock Group SkinRunners.” The group SkinRunners, of which Bartu Gülhan, one of the 2018 O Ses Türkiye finalists, is the lead singer, has released a song and clip called Phoenix for this NFT project.

“Gifts will be distributed on every NFT sale”

Gozde Vanlı, one of the founders of Rock’n’Verse, said that the economy to be created with NFT collections and the virtual universe to be created will also support independent rock musicians and record companies. will provide. With the project, rock musicians will be able to deliver their singles, albums and concerts to their listeners on this platform. In this universe where all rock bands from all over the world can be a part, gifts with a total value of more than 100 thousand dollars will be distributed during the NFT sales phases. For example, a bass guitar worth thousands of dollars signed by Billy Sheehan, one of the legendary names of rock music, a costom production electric guitar by Selçuk Eser and a custom-made motorcycle worth 100 thousand dollars will be distributed as gifts in various phases of the project.”

First Metaverse NFT Rock Single Released

Reminding that the first project of Rock’n’Verse, the hard rock band SkinRunners, started the project with the first single called Phoenix, released at the end of last month, Rock’n’Verse Founder Selçuk Eser said, “Phoenix, in which bass virtuoso Billy Sheehan also participated as a guest musician. The first phase started with the release of .

The NFT collection, which includes the creative artworks of the band members, matches the broadcasts of 3 different songs, and contains a total of 3×3.333 NFT works, will be available on the Rock’n’Verse platform in the coming period. When the entire first collection is published, $10,000 worth of first-stage gifts will also be distributed. Some of the NFTs to be sold within the scope of the project can be used as avatars in Rock’n’Verse, as well as giving users many privileges in the real world and metaverse events. In addition, independent musicians will be able to publish their own music in the virtual universe with the Rock’n’Verse record label. Thus, the copyrights and revenues of music producers will be protected in the long run.”

“Rock’n’Verse will be the meeting point of the global rock music community”

CoinTürk Founder Onur Atam, who stated that they enjoyed working as a part of the team as the investor of the project, shared his views on Rock’n’Verse with the following expressions: and Diici we have already entered with our investments. Now we have decided to support innovative ideas that can have a global impact, such as Rock’n’Verse, a blockchain-based project of our own interest. NFTs are an innovative tool that creates value and opens the world stage to art and artists. In Turkey, both art producers and art lovers show great interest in this field. We know that our country has implemented NFT projects such as Ninjasquad and Fluffy Polar Bear, which have had an impact all over the world. We believe that Rock’n’Verse, which will start as an NFT project and turn into a Metaverse universe where the rock music community will come together, will make a global impact.”

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