X-Ray Artificial Intelligence That Diagnoses As Well As Doctors

If you give a chest X-ray to any uneducated person today, it cannot show you pneumonias, nodules, atelactasia. In fact, for many, these words are complex concepts that can only be found by Google.

On the other hand, the artificial intelligence on this free website interprets the uploaded images with an accuracy rate of 80 percent. In other words, it has the same success rate as an average radiologist.


This system, which is possible thanks to open source artificial intelligence, helps to diagnose by working through your browser. The famous WebMD now also uses machine learning.

The artificial intelligence named Chester AI radiology assistant was developed by Joseph Paul Cohen of the University of Montreal. Artificial intelligence reaches the necessary results by scanning the image. Although Cohen is not a medical doctor, he works on health and deep learning. Cohen, who previously wrote an application called BlindTool, developed an application for visually impaired people where the phone camera can be used.


Indicators on the interface show the risk of having diseases. Thus, it can help in the diagnosis of diseases. Although it is best to see a doctor, Chester AI, which is a very useful and promising software for the future, also provides information about the medical world of the future.

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