Xiaomi Introduced Powerbank Featured Makeup Mirror

Although Xiaomi is generally known as a smartphone manufacturer, the company is a real consumer electronics company with the products it offers both on behalf of itself and its subsidiaries. The last product Xiaomi launched on behalf of one of its subsidiaries was a make-up mirror that can also be used as a powerbank.


This make-up mirror, which is extremely easy to live with with its 85x76x17mm dimensions, has a 2x zoom mirror on one side, and 12-point LED lighting, which does not aim to simulate natural light, on the other. In order to use the mirror efficiently, the brightness of the light can be adjusted manually.

The main trick of the Xiaomi makeup mirror is the 3000mAh battery located under its body. Thanks to this battery, which has 5V/1A input and output, you can charge your phone in case of emergency. The device, which automatically turns off the LED lighting when the remaining power drops below 10%, can illuminate the make-up mirror for an hour with a full charge. Xiaomi announced the price of the product as $ 18.

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