Yapı Kredi Expands Its Self-Service Network with the Installation of Turkey’s First DN SeriesTM ATMs

The self-service solution provides cutting-edge technology to support the bank’s commitment to sustainability and advanced customer experience for its customers.

Diebold Nixdorf announced today that Yapı Kredi, Turkey’s third-largest private bank, has recently launched DN SeriesTM ATMs in Turkey, upgrading it to the latest self-service technology in the industry. With the installation of DN Series supported by Yapı Kredi, DN AllConnect ServicesSM; NFC will be able to offer personalized customer experience in a more integrated solution that includes biometric data and card reader authentication.

Yapı Kredi has installed more than 400 DN Series ATMs across Turkey. All these ATMs are powered by the DN AllConnectSM Data Engine, which continuously aggregates and analyzes technical device data using cloud computing and machine learning. With this technology, when an incident is reported, the DN AllConnect Data Engine remotely identifies the root cause of the incident and the type of repair needed. It also provides information on the technician’s required skill and experience level, spare parts required, and estimated repair time.
Yapı Kredi uses the built-in cash recycling feature, which is an integral part of the DN Series design, in order to optimize its cash conversion. With this feature, ATMs can safely and accurately accept, verify, store and recirculate money. This increases efficiency and reduces the frequency with which money movers refill machines, minimizing carbon emissions and the costs of carrying cash.

To further strengthen its environmental sustainability, the DN Series family is made from recycled and recyclable materials and is 25 percent lighter than most conventional ATMs. This reduces CO2 emissions in both the manufacturing processes and shipping of components and terminals. In addition, all DN Series ATMs provide up to 50 percent power savings over conventional ATMs, thanks to the use of the latest LED technology and highly efficient electrical systems.

Yakup Doğan, Assistant General Manager of Yapı Kredi: “The way people use banks is changing, and the ATM is a critical digital channel in the modern user banking journey. The DN Series enables us to provide our customers with a more personalized and enhanced user experience at ATM, and the sustainability of the self-service solution supports our commitment to protecting the environment.”

Murat Karagözoğlu, Diebold Nixdorf Turkey Banking General Manager: “We are proud to cooperate with one of Turkey’s pioneers in digital banking. With the DN Series, Yapı Kredi customers can perform their banking transactions with the most integrated, efficient and secure self-service solution in the industry today. Combined with real-time data monitoring powered by the DN AllConnect Data Engine, our DN AllConnect Services deliver maximum availability and performance.”

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