You Can Bring Your Favorite Artists Together on Spotify

Spotify, which has now become the default music application for almost all smartphone users, continues to bring brand new features to the application. For example, we have transferred you Spotify’s audiobook feature and Spotify Live feature before.

Spotify is coming up with a brand new feature. As announced today, the company is introducing a new in-app feature called ‘Supergrouper’. Bride Supergroup featureLet’s explain what it is and what it does.

Your favorite artists together

Spotify has announced that it’s rolling out a new “Supergrouper” in-app feature that lets you create a supergroup of up to five artists. This is particularly You choose a group of artists.

Once you’ve created and named your band, Spotify will select from those artists you’ve chosen. composes a playlist . You also get a special card that will allow you to share your supergroup on social media.


While Spotify says the feature will allow you to imagine your favorite artists collaborating with each other, the new feature actually brings together content from different artists. that you didn’t do a ‘remix’It’s worth mentioning.

To access the feature, you first need to make sure your Spotify app is up to date. After making sure that the application is up to date, visit this link from your phone. After logging in with your accountYou can start choosing the artists you want in your group.

If you are undecided, Spotify can also choose random artists for you based on your listening habits. This feature then includes music from artists you’ve added to your supergroup for you. will create a personalized playlist . What do you think about the new feature? Please do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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