YouTube Vanced returns as ReVanced

3 months ago, YouTube Vanced, which is the favorite of users who do not want to pay for YouTube Premium but still want to watch YouTube videos without being stuck with advertisements for even 1 second, was closed and we conveyed it to you. You can even visit our list of Vanced alternative applications from here.

According to a new report, YouTube Vanced, the favorite of freeloaders, has a new name ‘ ReVanced’ returns with Of course, as we mentioned in our previous news, let’s take a look at the details of the return of the unsafe YouTube Vanced.

YouTube Vanced returns as ReVanced

(You can find our warnings and reviews from Fobito, our second channel on YouTube Vanced, in this video.)

3 months ago Google released the YouTube app YouTube Vanced, which has a premium version forced it to shut down and threatened to sue. Many people have been using YouTube Vanced, a great alternative to YouTube Premium, but as you can imagine, the app clear aspectsIt did not comply with YouTube’s terms of service.

As a result, YouTube Vanced was shut down and this upset many people around the world. However, another team of developers took control of the project and No affiliation with the YouTube Vanced team He developed a new app called ReVanced. Here are the words of the developers of the new application about ReVanced: “ReVanced; It is an unofficial sequel to Vanced, not affiliated with Vanced, and aims to introduce new features.”

Among the renewed ReVanced features are:

  • Minimized playback
  • old quality order
  • Disable the compose button
  • Remove generic ads
  • Remove video ads
  • Tapping the search bar for video navigation
  • background play

Of course, since it is not an official application and it is not safe, we do not want you to reach the application from us, nor do we recommend it. What do you think about YouTube Vanced returning under the name ReVance? Please do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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